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Nairobi Region


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Location: Nairobi Region

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Brief History

History was made in September 1978 when the first classes were held in what was known then as Pan Africa Christian College—and we have been making history ever since!

In September 2014 we will be celebrating 35 years of making history by the educating and graduating of thousands of men and women who are making a difference in Kenya and throughout Africa and beyond with their knowledge and skills.

Founded originally as a Bible college the campus was built on the site of the former Lumumba Institute .

As the college grew so did its vision and in keeping up with all the changes in Higher Education in Kenya the college received it Charter as a Private University from President Kibaki in February 2008.  With the Charter came the change in name to Pan Africa Christian University.

Our fulfilling the mandate of a university is reflected not only in our numerical growth but also in the diversity and development of our many programs: from Bible and Theology, to Business and Leadership, Counselling Psychology, Communications, Community Development, ICT—and more to come!

Our focus has been on undergraduate and postgraduate programs with an array of supporting certificate and diploma programs as well.

Imbued with a Christian worldview and a philosophy of education that reflects that perspective, we offer our students an enhanced, unique, and quality university education.

The university is owned and managed by robust partnership of three stakeholders: Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM), the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), and the Pentecostal Assemblies of God – Kenya (PAG).

“To move ahead you have to stand out”—that has been the goal of our history and that is the goal of our future!

Our Vision

To be a Christian university of choice in Africa, characterized by high quality and professional education in a community of learning and service, which is instrumental in the transformation of society.

Our Mission

To develop godly Christian leaders, growing disciples of Jesus Christ who are thoroughly equipped to serve God, the Church and their communities as they strengthen and actively multiply believers in Africa and around the world.

Our Core Values

  1. Pursuit of truth and moral integrity
  2. Stressing the importance of people
  3. Mutual respect and collaboration for PAC’s diverse community
  4. Priority and focus on biblical and spiritual formation
  5. Relevance of training in content, structure and process
  6. Excellence in work, spiritual walk and service among students, faculty and staff
  7. Instilling servant leadership values among students, faculty and staff

Our Core Commitments

  1. Quality emphasis on practical experience and leadership development
  2. Community of faith from diverse cultures embracing PAC’s mission and statement of faith
  3. Quality teaching and leaning
  4. Employing high-performance professional personnel
  5. Information technology
  6. Strategic planning and assessment
  7. Outreach to the society through various communication vehicles in building strategic alliances and promoting the search for truth, love and justice
  8. Research and scholarship in addressing critical social issues
  9. Community service by being a leading Christian resource centre to the society

Our Objectives:

  1. To provide university-level instruction in higher education for Christian faith and practice;
    To prepare for the churches of Africa: mature, committed, and conscientious ministerial leaders to serve with competence in ministries of the Church;
  2. To equip students for Christian service in positions of leadership and activity in various Christian ministries and secular vocations;
  3. To develop and transmit knowledge and skills through research and training at university level;
  4. To further preserve, develop, produce, process, transmit and disseminate knowledge, and thereby stimulate the spiritual, religious and intellectual life and cultural development of Kenya and Africa at large;
  5. To play an effective role in the development and expansion of the African Church and its leadership.

Specifically, we desire to develop in each student:

  1. A vibrant, growing relationship with God;
  2. A sound evangelical theological foundation, based on understanding of the historical background and context of the Bible, proper methodology of Biblical interpretation and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit;
  3. An intelligent commitment to sacrificially serve God, the church, and the world according to the gifts God has given.

Our Contacts

Pan Africa Christian University | P.o Box 56875 – 00200 Nairobi | Kenya
Tel: +254 – 20 – 2013146 / 2076894 | Mobile: +254 – 721 – 932050 / 734 – 400694
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General amenities

  • 3d Animation program
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural Education and Extension
  • Animal Health & Production
  • Banking & Finance
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Bible And Theology
  • building & civil engineering
  • Building Technology
  • Business Management
  • Cabin Crew and Air Hostess
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Certificate programmes
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) program
  • certified public secretaries(CPS)
  • Clearing and Forwarding
  • Commercial Pilot's License
  • Community Development and Social Work
  • Community Health& Environmental Disaster Management.
  • Community Oral Health
  • compositing
  • CompTIA A+ certification
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer programmING
  • counselling
  • CPA & ATC
  • Creative Arts
  • Credit management
  • Dance school
  • Degree Programs
  • Diploma in Architecture
  • Diploma in Health Records & Information systems
  • Diploma in Irrigation and Drainage
  • Diploma programs
  • Early Childhood Development Education
  • EIA
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • engineering
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Environment & Human Science Courses
  • Environmental Impact Assessmen
  • Fashion Design
  • Flight Crew & Cabin Attendance
  • Flight Dispatch and Operation
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Freight and Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Hair Dressing
  • Health and Applied Sciences
  • Higher Diploma
  • Hospitality Management
  • Hotel and Catering
  • Housekeeping Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Initial Multi Engine/Instrument Rating
  • Instructor Courses
  • insurance
  • International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL)
  • Journalism
  • KASNEB Courses
  • KNEC Programmes
  • Languages
  • Linux Essentials
  • Marketing Communication
  • Media Arts & Design
  • Media studies
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Microwave
  • Motion graphics
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Music/ sound production
  • Nail technology
  • Networking (N+
  • Nutrition&Dietetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Courses
  • Plumbing and Metal Work
  • post graduarte programs
  • Private Pilot's License
  • Procurement and Supply
  • Psychology
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing & Supply Mgt Diploma
  • Radio Studio Production
  • Risk Management
  • Roads Construction
  • Sales and Marketing
  • school of leadership
  • School of Theology
  • Secretarial Studies
  • Stoke Keeping
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Technical Drawing
  • Tourism Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Travel Tourism & Hospitality
  • Video production
  • Water Engineering
  • Water Technology
  • Web Design